05/08/2013 05:19 BST

Samsung Smartwatch Patent Pictures: Is This The First Great Android Wearable Computer?

While we do know for pretty-much-certain that Samsung is working on a smartwatch, actual details are very thin on the ground.

But now a Korean tech website, Moveplayer, has unearthed three design patents that could show us what the device will look like.

What can be deduced from the sketches is a flexible screen and Android-stye controls.

The smartwatch market is likely to be a lucrative one for tech companies

Of course none of this is certain, tech companies have a habit of trademarking a number of different designs many of which never materialise.

As for names, 'Altius' and 'Samsung Gear' have both been mooted. Confirmation will come in September at the IFA event in Berlin which could also see the launch of the Galaxy Note 3.

All the major players are gearing up to launch smartwatches which are almost certain to be the next big thing in tech ushering in a new era of 'wearable tech'.

The patents were filed between March and May this year

Sony have already released details of their 'Smartwatch 2'. Google and Motorola are rumoured to be teaming up on their own version.

Apple have trademarked the name 'iWatch' in a number of countries and all eyes will be on them to produce something with the innovation that has been lacking from previous product lines.