Someone Get Him A Tic-Tac! Bad Breath Revealed To Be Biggest First Date Turn-Off

First dates are such a minefield of sexual chemistry and expectations fuelled by lots of white wine, but one thing you probably can control is your breath.

According to a recent survey, bad breath is the biggest date turn-off, which 67% of men and women said was enough to put them off arranging a second date.

Close on the heels of halitosis is talking about your ex partner (it's never a good idea. Seriously. Whatever the context.) and rudeness came a close third. This could be anything from berating a waiter to turning up late.

Lastly - good old flatulence came fourth, with 38% of people citing it as reason enough to say: "cheque, please."

Is it just us or does most of the above sound like simple common sense? Why on earth would a person think it was acceptable to squeak out a fart on a first date?

The study was commissioned by NEO for National Fresh Breath Day, and also revealed the average Brit will brush their teeth three times before a first date to ensure that they have fresh breath – and according to the survey it's their biggest fear about a first date, even more so than appearance (35%) and what to wear (21%).

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