06/08/2013 05:51 BST

Mars Curiosity Rover Sings Happy Birthday To Itself (VIDEO)

It's lonely on Mars - especially when it's your birthday and there's no one around to celebrate with.

Nasa's Curiosity Rover will overcome some of the solitude that accompanies its first anniversary on the red planet by singing 'Happy Birthday' to itself.

Obviously lacking in vocal chords or any kind of loudspeaker, the rover's handlers have come up with an ingenious way to hum the tune.

Listen to the rendition in the video above

They will run the motor on Curiosity's soil analysis system at just the right frequencies to recreate it.

And as The Verge point out, it's highly unlikely it will have to worry about a rep from Warner Music coming to collect royalties.

Curiosity is currently trundling its way along the towards its primary mission destination of Mount Sharp.

Its primary goal to find "evidence for an ancient wet environment that had conditions favourable for microbial life" has already been accomplished.

Nasa have launched a number of interactive games to celebrate Curiosity's birthday which can be found here.