Helen Flanagan Celebrates Her 23rd Birthday With Ex Boyfriend Scott Sinclair (And A Flash Of Side Boob)

Who Was The Surprise Guest At Helen's Birthday Celebrations?

Helen Flanagan was joined by her ex boyfriend Scott Sinclair as she celebrated her birthday this weekend.

And in typical H-Flan style she made sure she showed the footballer exactly what he's missing by wearing a revealing dress that showed off her famous assets.


Earlier in the evening Helen tweeted that she was 'going to get drunk' and judging by her wobbly exit from Manchester's Circle club we think that particular mission was accomplished (and then some).

The former 'Corrie' star needed a helping hand or five from her mates as she left the venue looking rather worse for wear.

And the actress and model was obviously feeling the effects the morning after as she took to Twitter to confirm that she was 'really hungover'.

Helen love, we feel your pain.

Helen Flanagan

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