Ecstatic Groom Finds His Wedding Ring On A Riverbed After A 24-Hour Search (WATCH)

Most people who lose their wedding rings give up after a few hours of search, but Richard Ford's marathon 24-hour search mission paid off when he found his ring after losing it during a session of paddle-boarding.

The 30-year-old, who is married to primary school teacher Jen, also 30 said to SWNS: 'We were on the river when I realised it was missing. I was devastated - I'm not into jewellery, but it is so special to me, it felt like I had lost part of my soul."

On Monday night a group volunteered to help Richard look in the River Tame, Tamworth, Staffordshire. He hollowed out a bucket and put perspex in the bottom of it, then lay on his paddleboard with a T-shirt around his head and his head in the bucket looking into the water.

Take a look at the priceless moment: