Justin Bieber Naked: Singer Serenades His Gran In The Nude. Yes, Really (PICTURES)

We've heard some bonkers celeb stories in our time, but a naked Justin Bieber serenading his gran is most definitely up there.

In pictures leaked onto the net, the pint-sized pop punk can be seen totally starkers hiding his mini Biebs behind his guitar, as he sings to his (even more pint-sized) grandmother.

Our eyes! Our eyes!

No jokes about about Bieber strumming on his wooden instrument, please, we're far too mature for that *sniggers*.

The pics were apparently taken during the Thanksgiving holiday last year at his Gran's house in Toronto.

Bieber strums on his instrument in front of his gran

Sources told TMZ that Justin woke up late on Thanksgiving morning and decided to prank his family by stripping to his birthday suit, as you do, belting out lyrics such as "I Loooove you grandmaaaa ... how are youuuu ... helloooo grandma."

He's nuts that Justin Bieber.


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