SkyDIEVing: Oculus Rift Death Plunge Simulator Released (SCREENSHOTS)


The Oculus Rift high-definition, 3D virtual reality headset has us all extremely excited. But we didn't realise the one thing it needed above all else was death plunge simulator.

Well, now that's exactly what its got. SkyDIEving is here, and it's either really amazing, or really terrifying, or both.

Described as an "experimental-game-demo falling simulator-game thing", the experience is available to anyone - but is best suited to those with a developer's edition Oculus, for the full near-death experience.

This is the pitch:

"Spin around and toss yourself off the island. I personally would suggest avoiding stuff on the way down, no need to bring things to a premature end! Buzz obstacles for score, or if you get bored of that, play with mates. It is like ten times better with mates. Science totally proves this."

It sounds like great fun - as long as it doesn't make you sick.

Unfortunately, we're not one of the lucky group with access to an Oculus. But if you do, and you also have access to a ceiling harness from which to hang yourself upside down and a really strong fan, it seems pretty obvious what you should do. Right. Now.

Make sure to head over and download it and let us know what you think - and also tell the developers, who want to turn the idea into a full game.

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