14/08/2013 05:24 BST

Samsung Phone Mistaken For Gun At California University, Sparks Massive Security Alert

Man Holding Phone Sparks Massive 'Armed Gunman' Alert

Things just got a lot more dangerous. Last week we told how a mobile phone can burn down your house - now it transpires they can also get you shot by armed police.

This is very nearly what happened to man at California State University on Tuesday.

The cheerily unaware chap was spotted carrying what was thought to be a gun and was duly reported to the authorities.

A none-too-ambiguous alert was sent out to all students:

Only it wasn't a gun it was a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

It was quickly realised to be a false alarm and no evacuations took place, reports the Tribune.

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While it is easy to scoff at American campus-based paranoia, the history of awful shootings in the country require a high level of vigilance.

But that said, this also has to be balanced with the desire not to be shot just for calling phoning your Mum outdoors.

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