Samsung: $10K Prize For The Best Flexible Gadget Idea (PICTURES)

Along with a few other companies, Samsung is getting pretty close to a production-grade flexible display. The problem is that apparently they have no idea what to do with it.

So now they're asking you.

The South Korean tech giant has launched a unique contest on Wednesday, in which it is asking designers and, well, anyone with a pad of paper, to try and come up with a design for something using a flexible screen.

It is offering a grand prize of $10,000, with second and third prizes of $5,000 and $2,500, for anyone who can come up with an idea that will "define the future".

"We are calling on the most innovative designers, hardware engineers and entrepreneurs to develop new product ideas that put our revolutionary Flexible Display technology to use in ways that will define the future."

The contest is run by the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Centre, and has a few boundaries.

The screens involved have a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, and can both bend at the edges, fold in the middle or roll up into a scroll.

If you're interested the deadline is October 6th. But beware - Samsung suggests that only "non-confidential" products be submitted because, as Techcrunch suggests, they might just want to take them for themselves.

The small print says:

"Samsung is continuously innovating, and may develop information that is similar to materials submitted in this contest, so only non-confidential information should be submitted."

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