World's Crappiest Date: Are You Desperate Enough To Try 'Toilet' Dating?

We've seen dating websites for clowns, speed dating on a plane and dating karaoke, but the crappiest (literally) addition to the list has to be the concept of toilet dating.

Dating site has come up with the new event that is being trialled out across London, which chiefly involves a singles bar crawl around the city's most notable bogs.

If successful, the idea will be rolled out across the country, coming soon to a loo near you.

The lavvies in question are in and around Westminster, but we feel that to really push the limits of the date, they should think about branching out to East London or the south of the city.

It's there, amid the litter, vomit splats and fried chicken remnants that a person's olfactory nerves will truly be tested, thereby weeding out the amateurs from the professionals.

The event takes place the first Friday of the month; prepare for really bad toilet puns and historical toilet factoids. If you remain unconvinced, it's still worth going for the tips and tricks for locating free public loos in London (something of a Unicorn horn these days).

Matt Matt Janes, founder, says: "The tour starts at The Jubiloo (reputedly the first pay-per-use loo in London), then goes on to The Cellar Door (a cabaret bar set in a toilet). Afterwards, the singletons frequent a few more watering holes en route, and even take a pit stop at the toilets of St Paul’s – ‘the beacon of free toileting’"

HuffPost UK blogger The Guyliner commented "I suppose it doesn't hurt to start a date where most of them end up: swirling down the pan with the whiff of, well, let's call it failure, hanging heavily in their air. I'd never be an advocate for couples lying about where they met, but I'd probably glam this one up a bit – I'm not sure even those mythical grandchildren we're all saving up our stories to tell wouldn't be that impressed. At least there will be alcohol."

Overall, it seems like a nice ice-breaker, but what do you say after the first few toilets? It seems like a minefield for dating small talk. "Ah, that looks like someone took a really big dump there, rather like the one I had the other day."

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