21/08/2013 11:27 BST | Updated 21/10/2013 06:12 BST

GCSE Results Day: Students Want Top Salary Over A Career Helping People

GCSE Results Day: Students Want Top Salary Over A Career Helping People

GCSE students' number one priority after leaving school is to earn a top salary, while more than a quarter want to set up their own business, research has revealed.

A survey of almost 300 GCSE students showed future school leavers are motivated by success rather than society, with only 35% worried as to whether their potential employers were socially responsible.

According to the research, conducted by KPMG, 75% thought it essential to get on well with co-workers, compared to a mere 35% believing it to be important to get on with managers.

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Nearly a third said they would only pick a career which gave them a good work-life balance - a reassuring statistic in the light of overworked banking intern Moritz Erhardt, who was found dead at his home on Thursday.

Students predicted the death of email within the next 20 years, with 62% believing video messaging would take over, while 44% thought communication skills were more important than IT.

KPMG's survey concluded the class of 2013 were "entrepreneurial, ambitious and drive by a desire to be financially successful".