Marriage Advice: 10 Conversations Every Couple Should Have Before The Wedding


If marriage is on the cards, there's no doubt you'll know a fair amount about your partner - their likes and dislikes, bad habits, pet peeves.

But once you've got the basics out the way, it might be wise to dig a little deeper.

Planning a life together is no easy task, and it's important to find out whether you're on the same wavelength before you - to quote Beyonce - put a ring on it.

With UK weddings costing on average £18,000 nowadays, you want to be sure that you're heading down the aisle with Mr/Mrs Right... it's hardly a mistake many of us can afford to make.

HuffPost Weddings asked Twitter and Facebook to share the most important pre-wedding discussions couples should have. Here are the results...

The Most Important Pre-Wedding Conversations

We'd love to know your thoughts on the subject. What are the most important conversations to have before marriage?