9 Things That Are Making You Stressed (And How To Fix Them)


Stress is one of the biggest problems facing the modern world - it can lead to mental and physical health problems, from burnout to heart attacks.

And with more than one third of Brits getting stressed everyday, stress has a lot to answer for.

We spoke to stress expert Charles Linden, who has not only worked with stress on a professional level - counting Jodie Kidd among his celebrity clients - but has experienced it personally, in childhood and adulthood.

"I started making inappropriate risk assessments," he reveals in a statement. "I was seeing the world through anxiety-coloured specs."

"Physical and psychological equilibrium form the foundation for continuing physical and mental health and wellbeing," he told HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

"I talk to clients about creating a shallower physiological waveform doing or consuming everything in moderation at regular intervals instead of creating the extreme peaks and troughs that most people create across every aspect of their lives."

We asked Charles to give us nine exclusive tips to help readers de-stress.


Things That Are Making You Stressed

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