'Gibraltar Invasion' Picture Posted By Spanish Mayor On Facebook Sparks Outrage

A Spanish mayor has been called a "fool" after posting a mocked-up picture of a Spanish invasion of Gibraltar on Facebook.

Fransisco Perez Trigueros, mayor of Vega Baja, is an ardent nationalist and a member of the governing Popular Party which has clashed repeatedly with Britain over the territory.

The crude image posted on Facebook shows the Spanish army marching under a sky filled with fighter jets as a flag and bull stand on the iconic 'Rock'.

Despite the awful photoshopping the message is abundantly clear

Gibraltarian Jonathan Manasco said: “It is fools like this that encourage others to violence and hatred," the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Trigueros has also launched attacks on Catalonians, many of whom want independence from Spain.

At the opening of the swimming world championships in Barcelona, many in the crowd booed when the national anthem was played.

Taking to Facebook to show his disgust he said: "Lets give these shits their bloody independence now so they leave us be.

"But build a 30-foot-high wall so we don’t have to see them again.

"I am angry, I have never been more embarrassed in my life," reports VillaWeb.

Tensions between Spain and Britain have escalated dramatically in recent weeks.

Artificial reefs built by Britain sparked fears they could interfere with Spanish fisherman's nets.

In response, Spanish authorities imposed tortuous border checks on those coming to and from the territory.

Gibraltar Governor, Sir Adrian Johns, said: "The act of diving itself constituted a serious violation of British sovereignty but this apparent interference with the reef is a new and worrying aspect."

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