01/09/2013 07:30 BST | Updated 01/09/2013 07:32 BST

Jim Murphy Admits 'Industrial Language' In Foul-Mouthed Row With 'F***ing Bully' Michael Gove

Jim Murphy row
Jim Murphy row

A Labour front-bencher has admitted using "industrial language" in a foul-mouthed row with education secretary Michael Gove after the Syria vote in Parliament.

Gove reportedly told Jim Murphy, the shadow defence secretary, he had "appeased Assad" by opposing military intervention.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Murphy replied: "F**k off, you bully. You're angry because you lost."

Asked about the exchange on Sunday morning, Murphy told the Andrew Marr show: "Yes, on a Sunday morning, with children watching, you can't repeat what Michael Gove and I said to each other.

"I used industrial language that my priest would not be proud of."

The spat came after the government motion on military intervention into the Syrian crisis was defeated by a combination of Labour opposition and back-bench rebels.

In the aftermath, Gove also reportedly used a 'Nazi' jibe towards a Labour MP.

Dai Havard claimed the minister had called him a "National Socialist", the name of Hitler's party, telling colleagues: "If he does it again, I'll deck him," the Mail on Sunday said.

Gove's camp said he had been comparing President Assad to a National Socialist.

It comes after Labour leader Ed Miliband was branded a "copper-bottomed shit" by government sources for his part in defeating the government's motion.

It also led to recriminations within the Tory party, and rumours that the whips office would be in the firing line for a reshuffle after several ministers failed to register their vote in support of the government.