02/09/2013 07:29 BST | Updated 02/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Worst Place In The Universe? Liquid Glass Rains Sideways On Deadly 'Hot Alien Jupiter'

You might think your local high-street pub on Friday night is the worst place in the universe. Well we have news for you: a planet has been discovered where it rains liquid glass. reports on the strange exo-planet HD 189733b, a gas giant discovered in 2005 which orbits its alien sun just 63 light years from Earth.

The planet is blue in colour - and from a distance you might be tricked into thinking it similar to our own.

But if you were to attempt to land, you'd quickly find a very different situation. Researchers at Nasa said that the conditions on its surface are almost hilariously awful.

How bad? We're talking temperatures of 1,700 degrees F, where liquid glass pours sideways in the sky pelted by winds of more than 7,000 kilometers-per-hour.

This so-called "hot Jupiter" circles close to its star, and was easy to spot - relatively - because it blocks out so much of the star's light when it completes an orbit relative to Earth.

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