03/09/2013 06:35 BST | Updated 03/09/2013 09:06 BST

'I Can't Sing' Launch: Simon Cowell Instructs Nigel Harman To 'Be A D**k Every Night' In 'X Factor' Musical

Simon Cowell has given Nigel Harman, the actor who is set to play him in an 'X Factor' musical, some sound advice; "just be a d**k every night."

Speaking at the launch of Harry Hill's satirical West End take on the ITV singing contest, Cowell seemed please with the former 'EastEnders' star's portrayal of him.

Nigel Harman and Simon Cowell

Cowell said of 'I Can't Sing', which is based around the story of two lovestruck hopefuls, Chenice and Max: "I know what Harry’s like, he takes the p*ss out of us every week on TV Burp and that’s why I thought it would be funny to work with these guys, because I didn’t want to do a musical which we took too seriously."

Nigel Harman, Simon Cowell and Harry Hill

The music mogul added: "It’s a serious show, but it’s also a fun show and I like Harry’s sense of observation. The big thing for me really was were the songs going to be any good or not.

"When I went to the workshop I said to my PA, find me a seat by the nearest exit cos if the songs are crap I’m out. And I stayed. And we agreed to do the deal. I get it in the neck constantly throughout, and it’s constantly evolving this story."

Meanwhile, Cowell, who is expecting his first baby with New York socialite Lauren Silverman, has revealed he won't be changing any nappies.

"I'm not doing that, 100% absolutely not going near that," he told BBC Breakfast, and asked whether he would delegate to someone else, he replied: "Of course."

But he added: "I am good with kids because I like kids. I really do like them and I listen to them.

"Once I got used to it [becoming a father] I did get excited. I think I will be a good dad, so I'm excited."


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