04/09/2013 14:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Simon Cowell Insists: 'I Will Not Change My Baby's Dirty Nappies'

It is the duty, nay, the pleasure, of the modern dad to chip in and change his newborn's nappies, no matter how full or retch-inducing they may be. Hell, even Prince William boasts about changing baby Prince George's dirty diapers.

But one dad-to-be with more money than dazzling white teeth says he will leave that doody duty to the mother of his child. Or a nanny. Or somebody. Anyone but him.

Yes, step forward and hang your head in shame,
And asked whether he would delegate to someone else, he replied: "Of course."

Simon also hinted that he will not let his baby get in the way when it comes to getting his beauty sleep.

Warned by Harry Hill, who has written The
X Factor musical,
that he would feel exhausted from sleepless nights, he replied: "Can't I just get a nanny?"

Only if you can afford one, Simon. Oh, sorry, you can. A whole army of them.

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