09/09/2013 06:55 BST | Updated 09/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Vintage Nuclear Bunker Is A Complete Underground House, WIth Garden (VIDEO)

A unique house in Las Vegas has an intriguing secret: another house, buried underneath it, 26 feet underground.

From the outside, the suburban two-storey abode at 3970 Spencer St. looks like a typical home (see Google Street view below).

But underneath the floorboards there is an entirely different structure - and it's built to withstand a nuclear strike. And instead of a typical industrial-style bunker, the shelter looks just like a house -- and even has a well-lit garden with fake trees, a starry sky and a hot tub.

The original owner Girard B. “Jerry” Henderson built the home in 1978 in fear of a nuclear war -- and wanted the ability to live for a year, full-time, underground. He also founded a company designed to promote and sell underground houses (without much success), having already made his fortune earlier in life.

Now unoccupied, the house is still well stocked for the apocalypse. It has a pool, a barbecue, a four-hole putting green, a sauna, a dance floor and stage, a bar and a mural of mountains to gaze at while you contemplate the nuclear wreckage above your head.

Vegas Inc reports it also has a laundry room, kitchen, two elevators, lights that can switch from "sunset" to "dusk" and "night" and a range of 1970s appliances.

The garden has a green carpet instead of grass. There are two emergency exits - one looks like a shed from above ground, while another is disguised as a cave.

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The home is now owned by Seaway bank, who are looking to sell it for around $1.7 million.

Head over to Vegas Inc for the full story and many more pictures of the amazing house. The Review Journal also has a great tour of the house with more amazing details about its construction.

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