Pop-Art 'Space Phone Charger' Looks Cool, Isn't Quite Real (PICTURES)

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Of all the places for you mobile to run out of charge, deep space is by far the most annoying.

No air, no water, no one and - goddammit - no way of checking your e-mails.

But now an LA based design company, iam8bit, has teamed up with a Scottish satellite maker to create 'celestial charging points' - only they're just stickers, and don't really work.

For when you're really stuck...

So why do it?

Jon Gibson, who designed the world's "first functioning pop-art satellite" with Amanda White at the iam8bit gallery has no lesser objective than saving mankind.

He told Wired: "It's like when a complete stranger at the airport lets you use their wall charger.

"If their original goal was to obliterate our species with a massive plasma canon, perhaps even such a small gesture of kindness will make them reconsider."

You can't argue with that.

The provider of the actual functioning components is ClydeSpace, a firm that specialises in small and relatively cheap nano-satellites.

These test equipment in space as well as scientific research such as weather observation.

The iam8bit adorned UKube-1 will be launched in Kazakhstan on December 17th.

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