Guo Bin, Chinese Boy Who Had Eyes Gouged Out, Gets Free Implants And Navigation Device

The six-year-old Chinese boy whose eyes were gouged out has been given free implants by a doctor who heard about the horrific attack.

Although Guo Bin will not regain his sight, the operation is a step towards him being fitted with realistic and movable prosthetic eyes, reports AP.

He will also be fitted with navigation sensors which should help him to find his way around when he returns home.

Guo Bin after the attack

The boy's father, Guo Zhiping, said: "As his parents, we are full of hope.

"We have yet to tell him that his vision would be lost forever."

Guo Bin was attacked last month and found covered in blood in a field close to his home. His eyes were found nearby.

The circumstances around the brutal incident remain murky, with organ traffickers initially suspected.

The youngster has not been able to say who attacked him only that it was a woman.

Dr Dennis Lam performed the procedure

Police then pointed the finger at an aunt but she has since committed suicide by throwing herself down the town well.

The boy's DNA and blood was found on her clothes, reports the Daily Mail.

The family dispute she was the attacker and have also denied local media reports of rifts and arguments between them.

Upon hearing of the attack, Dr Dennis Lam in the Southern China city of Shenzhen, decided to offer his services free of charge.

Guo Bin is comforted by his mother

The implants will maintain the shape of the eye cavity before the prosthetic eyes are put in.

Dr Lam told the BBC: "We don't know if this will be successful in the end, but if there is this possibility, then why should we not give a chance to little Bin-Bin?"

The story has prompted a huge influx of donations from people wishing to help Guo Bin.