'X Factor USA': Simon Cowell Sings Elvis Presley Song For Kelly Rowland (VIDEO)

After years of Simon Cowell judging singing hopefuls, finally we get to judge him...

The music mogul turned crooner on the second episode of The X Factor USA's third series.

He was forced into performing after stock trader contestant Russ Pouliot's disastrous rendition of 'I Can't Help Falling in Love with You'.

Kelly Rowland and Simon Cowell

Simon said: "I've never heard someone sing when they drown but I think that's what it would sound like."

Fellow judge Demi Lovato suggested that Simon probably had a similar voice and Kelly Rowland then bounded on stage to take the mic from Russ and give it to Simon.

He wasn't much better than Russ but at least he turned out to be a good sport...

Meanwhile, Cowell is said to have been left red faced after 'The X Factor USA' pulled in its lowest launch ratings to date, down a huge 17% on 2012's debut.

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