BNP Faces Electoral Wipeout 20 Years After First Councillor Derek Beackon's Election

BNP first seat
BNP first seat

On this day in 1993, British National Party supporters went on the rampage after the party won its first ever council seat.

Twenty years on, Nick Griffin is at the helm and the far-right outfit are staring into electoral oblivion.

After it peaked in 2009, winning seats on councils around the country and bagging two seats in the European Parliament, the BNP gradually lost the ground it gained, losing its final county council seat in last year's local election.

The party now has just two councillors, and will struggle to hang onto its two seats in the European Parliament in May's Euro elections.

It's a far cry from 1993, when unemployed lorry driver Derek Beackon beat the Labour candidate by seven votes in the Isle of Dogs.


The result provoked fear among the Asian community and was roundly condemned by other parties, although Labour accused the Liberal Democrats of pandering to the far right with some of its election literature.

More recently, Beackon has stood for the National Front.