Tesco Hudl Tablet Will Sees The Supermarket take on Amazon's Kindle And Google's Nexus

Would You Buy A Tablet Made By Tesco?

Tesco's much-rumoured tablet looks like it's going to be unveiled next week.

An Apple-esque press release informs us the supermarket giant "have got something to show you" on the 23rd of this month.

Called the Hudl, the device looks set to set to challenge Amazon's updated Kindle Fire Google's Nexus but with a much smaller price tag.

Would the cheap price tag tempt you away from more established brands?

Rumours last month suggested it could retail for as little as £100.

What will we get for our money? It's a safe bet it will be an Android device and will undoubtedly have a way of making ordering goods from Tesco an absolute doddle.

Tesco-controlled video streaming site Blinkbox will also presumably feature prominently.

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