Naked Man Causes Chaos On Busy Chinese Road (PICTURES)

A Russian man blocked a busy intersection in China after he stripped off his clothes and sat down in a meditative position.

As passing motorists skimmed past the young man he began removing articles of clothing until he ended up completely naked.

A young Russian stripped off in the street

Concerned motorists tried to coax the man off the road

The man is reportedly a student at a university in Hainan, China

Concerned crowds gathered in an attempt to coax him off the busy road, but when their attempts failed police arrived and carried him off in shackles.

The man's concerned friends have told authorities he wasn't behaving abnormally that morning, News163 reported.

Reports have indicated the incident was a suicide attempt

The man's friends reportedly told authorities he had not been behaving abnormally

The incident caused major delays as police tried to move the man safely

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