20 'Best Of' Albums That Shouldn't Really Exist (PLAYLIST)

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First things first. When we say they shouldn't really exist we don't mean that we don't like the artists' music. In fact, many of them created some of our favourite hits of the '80s and '90s.

But we're not sure they really warrant a 'best of' album, given that these hits normally numbered in the single digits. And by 'single digits', we do of course mean one. Or occasionally two.

From 'The Best Of...' to 'The Very Best Of..', from 'The Collection' to the compilations named after their one hit (we're looking at you, 'The Power Of Love: The Best Of' Jennifer Rush), here are 20 dubious collections - and below, a playlist of hits so you can enjoy this trip down memory lane even more. Altogether now: "Am I living in a box/Am I living in a cardboard box..."

Living In A Box

20 Dubious 'Best Of' Albums

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