'Dual Beer Glass' Allows You To Drink Two Ales At Once (PICTURES)


Most inventions these days tend to be pretty hard to grasp in technical terms. But then occasionally something simple, physical and frankly genius comes along to shake us out of our high-tech malaise.

The handmade Dual Beer Glass by Matthew Cummings is just one such item.

Cummings is a glassblower with a full range of hand-made beer receptacles for sale on Etsy, via his brand 'The Pretentious Beer Company'. But this might be his masterpiece.

The glass is divided in two by a glass chamber divider, so that two beers can be enjoyed at once - mixing together in the drinker's mouth to create the perfect Black and Tan, or any other combination of ales you desire.

Conceivably it would also allow you to drink two beers separately at once - though in small quantities.

The Louisville-based artisan is clearly onto a winner - the glasses are $35 each but are already sold out. But he will still sell you four for $125, and if it prooves popular enough we imagine that more will be on the way soon.

Take a closer look, below.

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