'X Factor' Judges Tell Tearful Hannah Sheares To 'Go It Alone'

The X Factor judges bring one teenager to tears on Saturday night, when they tell her to ditch her best friends and go solo to stand a chance in the contest.

17-year-old shop assistant Hannah Sheares is heartbroken when she is forced to make a decision about whether she would like to continue in the competition alone after trying out with her group The Daisy Chains.

Daisy Chains with Hannah Sheares (centre)

Viewers see the young hopeful being told by the panel that she is "carrying" the others and needs to choose her career or her friends.

The trio are seen auditioning for the ITV show with The Supremes' top 10 hit Stop In The Name Of Love but Hannah proves to have the standout voice after Hannah had told judges they took the name because "if one of the links is broken, we don't work".

But after performing, Gary Barlow tells them: "I don't think there's an easy way to say this - Hannah, I think you have the potential to go far, but on your own."

And fellow panellist Nicole Scherzinger agrees: "Hannah is the strongest vocalist and she has the strongest tone - and right now she's carrying the group."

Hannah tells the judges she does not want to leave her friends Kari, 21, and Laura, 19, behind, adding: "I feel torn to to be honest. I love the girls with all my heart, do you know what I mean?"

Barlow explains the hard realities as he tells her: "You can have friends but this is serious stuff - this is a career, this is something that could last for the rest of your life. If you really are as good friends as you're telling us, I think your two friends would understand what we're saying here, and they'd be OK with it."

But as they go away to discuss it among themselves, Hannah sobs: "If you were my best friend you'd support me through whatever, and you're saying that you wouldn't be my best friend anymore."

And while the girls from Solihull are out of the room, making a decision, Barlow warns: "If you haven't got that sort of cut-throat attitude, you're never going to get anywhere."

Fans of the show will see whether she chooses to press on in the contest as a solo act.

Joseph Whelan

Also in the programme is a return for builder Joseph Whelan who made it to the judges' houses stage of the contest last year but failed to make the cut for the live shows.

The 27-year-old plays the Bon Jovi track Always for the judges as his young son Kian watches the audition while seated on Scherzinger's knee. The youngster joined his father on stage last year when they both won the panel's hearts.

The Nostalgics

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