GTA 5 Sales: Rockstar Breaks More Records As Grand Theft Auto Steals The UK Charts


In case you weren't aware, GTA 5 has sold really well.

So well, in fact, it's broken basically every record going.

Last week it was announced that the game had earned Rockstar £500 million in 24 hours. Less than two days later, they upped that figure to more than $1 billion.

Now the latest sales figures are out - and they're even more extraordinary.

Eurogamer reports that GTA dominated the UK charts to such an extent last week, that nine out of ten games sold in the country were copies of GTA 5.

The game is already the 24th best-selling game ever in the UK, and its opening week figures were 2.4 times bigger than GTA 4, and bigger than all previous GTA titles' launch weeks combined.

The game sold 250,000 more copies than the previous record-holder, Call of Duty: Black Ops, shifting 1.57 million units in 24 hours and 2.25 million copies overall.

The game made £65 million in revenue in the UK alone. Oh, and it's also one of the best-reviewed games of all-time too, with a Metacritic score of 98.

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