23/09/2013 13:02 BST

Oktoberfest 2013: O'Zapft Is Beer Festival Kicks Off In Germany (PICTURES)

It’s not October yet, but it’s time to drink beer, wear lederhosen and make merry, damnit.

Yup, the beer-swilling event kicked off this weekend in Munich and will run until 6 October (or until the taps run dry).

Now into its 180th year, Oktoberfest is regarded as one of the largest food festivals with good reason – one of the tents alone can accommodate nearly 11,000 beer drinkers.

oktoberfest 2013

Festivities are underway in Munich, as this photographer's trembling hands illustrates

And if you’re not a German speaker, Huffington Post Canada Travel have compiled a list of invaluable phrases – including Mehr Bier, bitte! (more beer please!) and Ohje. Bitte keinen Alkohol mehr (Oh God. Please, no more alcohol,) to tide you over.

Oh and by the way… beer in moderation is good for you.

So says research commissioned by the Brewers of Europe Group, which adds the amber nectar can strengthen bones and lower the risk of heart disease.


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