Sex In A Car: Chicago Couple Make Love During Expressway Drive (VIDEO)

You know how it is, you're cruising through suburban Chicago in your minivan when you simply absolutely most definitely MUST. HAVE. SEX.

Which is exactly what one Chicago couple did - while the chap continued to expertly pilot his vehicle down the city's Eisenhower expressway.

The amorous pair were filmed making the beast with two backs, and naturally the footage has found its way onto the YouTube, where so far it has been viewed by internet pervs almost 20,000 times.

Safety first: We'll assume these are experts and urge you not to try the same thing

The dialogue of the camera crew is also a treat - with the driver of the second car insisting: "I wanna get her bouncing again" as they try to keep pace with the other vehicle.

Somewhat striking is the nonchalance of the couple, who, upon noticing they have an audience, simply carry on, with the man waving his hand in a "chill" motion.

As a caption later added to the footage asks, "Who says minivans aren't chick magnets?"

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