Topless Celebs: Miley Cyrus Wasn't The First! Here's 41 More Cover Stars Who Forgot Their Bras (PICS)


Miley Cyrus isn't the first star to go topless on the front of a magazine (see the latest edition of Rolling Stone). In fact, there's never been a shortage of female stars who are happy to get their boobs out (and in some cases go completely naked) in the name of self-promotion.

From a topless Kate Upton, Mila Kunis and Katy Perry on the cover of Esquire to Rita Ora, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba forgetting their bras for GQ, these celeb ladies are happy to flash the flesh to shift a few extra copies.

And don't even get us started on repeat offender Rihanna who seems to have done more topless/naked cover shoots than she has fully clothed!

Yep, when it comes to selling magazines, there's one thing guaranteed to ensure the latest issue flies off the shelves - get a topless celebrity to pose on the cover.

Take a peek at the gallery below to see who else has dared to bare...

Topless Magazine Covers

Topless Celeb Magazine Covers

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