04/10/2013 12:35 BST | Updated 04/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Syrian Refugees In Calais Port Hunger Strike To Demand Entry To UK (PICTURES)

Around 60 Syrian refugees are holding a protest in the French port of Calais to demand entry to Britain.

The group, including some 20 who are also on hunger strike, have occupied the footbridge of a ferry terminal at the port, where ships leave for Britain.

The asylum seekers have been holding placards reading "Thank you Francois Hollande" and "We want to talk to David Cameron".


Two refugees threatened to jump off the roof of the terminal

According to Sky News, two of the protesters have climbed on to the ferry terminal roof and are threatening to jump off if their demands are not met.

Despite being offered the right to seek asylum in France, the group say they want to start new lives in Britain, and that they are treated "worse than animals" in France.

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The Guardian reported that French riot police have moved into clear the camp, but so far they have refused to move.

A representative for the refugees said the Syrians want to speak to British officials about their plight.


The group say they want to talk to British officials

One of the asylum seekers, a 24-year-old literature graduate told The Guardian that many of the Syrians had "a lot of difficulty with the French police".

"They have been arrested or followed, they have had to sleep rough in abandoned buildings or on the street, sometimes for months."

The Times said British Border Force officers were involved in talks with the group, but it appeared French officials were urging the Syrians to seek asylum in France.