Daily Mail Protest Held Outside The Newspaper's Offices After Ed Miliband Row (PICTURES)

LOOK: Protesters Target Daily Mail Offices

Campaigners have held a protest outside the Daily Mail's offices in London.

Around 200 left-wingers and trade union activists gathered outside Northcliffe House in London, the Guardian reported.

It was prompted by the controversy over a Mail article branding Ed Miliband's late father 'the man who hated Britain'.

Journalist Owen Jones led the protests on Sunday afternoon:

The paper refused to back down over its comments, which were criticised by David Cameron and Nick Clegg.


Protest outside Daily Mail headquarters

Daily Mail Protest

It came as Miliband said he would never accuse David Cameron of 'hating Britain'.

"I would never say about David Cameron that he hates Britain," the Labour leader told BBC Radio 5 Live's Pienaar's Politics.

"I would never say about David Cameron that he doesn't want the best for this country.

"Of course he wants the best for this country, so what the Mail said about my dad I would never say about David Cameron.

"What I would say is that I think his policies are profoundly misguided and I don't think it's true that he's leaving nobody behind."

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