08/10/2013 10:31 BST

'Made In Chelsea' Series 6: Meet New Cast Members Belle, Tiffany, Freddie And Miffy (PICTURES)

'Made In Chelsea' is set to welcome four new faces when it returns for its sixth series next week.

Described as 'best friends' that occasionally make out with each other, Belle, Tiffany, Freddie and Miffy will no doubt cause more drama and tiffs in the posh reality show.

made in chelsea

Freddie, Belle, Tiffany and Miffy have joined MIC

Here's what we know about the new buddies so far...


Who? Second year student studying Politics at Newcastle University

Status? Single (but ready to mingle with Freddie)

Anything else? She’s known Miffy since she was 15 and resides in her family home in Pimlico


Who? Also a second year student studying Politics but at Bristol University

Status? Single (but ready to mingle with Miffy)

Anything else? She loves flirting with Miffy but will no doubt have her head turned by some of the other Chelsea men…


Who? Graduate of Newcastle University

Status? Single but looking (he might snog Belle but he’s fancied Lucy Watson for five years!)

Anything else? Swedish Freddie’s mum used to be a successful Burberry and Louis Vuitton model while his dad is in the hotel business. He’s an only child so is used to getting what he wants.


Who? Another graduate of Newcastle University and a keen club promoter

Status? Single but loves a good flirt with Tiffany

Anything else? He’s already got Chelsea connections in Andy and Stevie and his family own property in London and Malta – where he is also from.

The new faces will have some big designer shoes to fill, as show favourites Millie Mackintosh and Ollie Locke will not be returning for the sixth series when it airs on Monday 14 October.

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