10/10/2013 08:18 BST

Gecko Bluetooth Remote Can Find Your Phone, Track Your Dog And Even Track Someone's Medication

They say the simple ideas are the best - and here is proof of just that.

Gecko is little more than a bluetooth-enabled remote for your phone that adds gesture control and motion detection but the possibilities for uses are far-ranging.

The Gecko can be placed on a door for example or in a bag, notifying you if anyone is entering a room or trying to take your belongings.

It can also tell you when something hasn't moved - useful for tracking if an elderly relative has taken their medication for instance.

It also has a built-in temperature sensor alerting you if somewhere is too hot or too cold

Added to this it can be used as a remote for a camera, to change music on your phone or attached to a pet so you can track them.

The Gecko is being crowd-funded on Indiegogo and it just under $6000 away from its $50,000 total.

Contribute now and you can have one delivered by December for £12,55 (plus P&P).

Gecko will run on a Bluetooth 4.0 capable device, iPhone 4S and above, Android phones running Android 4.3 or Samsung devices running 4.2.