A Goose And A Car, The Greatest Love Story Of All Time (VIDEO)

Romeo and Juliet, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy – these iconic romances have been cast aside by the greatest love story of all time, between a goose and a silver Honda Accord.

You may love your car for its fuel efficiency, its great radio – perhaps, even, for reasons of poignancy and nostalgia.

But not the way Louise loves her car.

Louise and her love

Louise, a rescued Toulouse goose, has no bias when it comes to love. She spends her days on Bit of Earth Farm in Ohio looking adoringly at her beloved, a Honda.

"Her love is notable for its dedication. Louise won’t leave the side or the front of my car from sunup to sundown," Laura Grace Weldon, the owner of both the Honda and Louise, has revealed.

Louise had been a normal goose, enjoying normal goose activities such as swimming in the pond and nibbling the grass.

Then, Laura said, "one day, everything changed."

"Louise spotted a distant glimmer," she wrote, "It was so alluring her wide orange feet quickly pitter pattered up to the front yard.

"There she saw Honda for the first time, his shiny surface and tempting shape alluring in ways only a goose of her caliber might recognise.

"She hurried up to this vision, this Honda of her dreams, and there she stayed. All day she strolled around the car, sometimes making quiet murmuring tones, sometimes tapping gently at it with her beak."

Now, every day Louise relentlessly stands next to her true love. She perseveres "despite mail carriers and rain and annoying small dogs," Laura wrote.

The pairing has inspired Louise's family to serenade the lovers with hits such as “When a Goose Loves a Honda” and “Here’s My Beak, Call Me Maybe.”

They revealed they had tried their best to break up the unconventional couple, but true love finds a way.

"A lesser goose might choose an easier life," Laura said: "One with a pond, food, and fowl companions. But not Louise. She remains steadfast."

"We never expected our driveway to be so fowl," she told the Huffington Post UK.