Twitter Pays Senior Engineer Christopher Fry An Insane $10.3 Million

You're in the wrong job.

Due to a lack of engineering talent in Silicon Valley, the top tech companies are paying absurd sums of money to secure the best and brightest.

Take Twitter's senior vice president of engineering for example.

There are mega buck to be earned in Silicon Valley

Christopher Fry made a whopping $10.3m (£6.4m) - only a fraction behind the company's chief executive Dick Costello who made $11.5m (£7.2m), reports Reuters.

The figures were revealed in Twitter's recently released IPO documents.

But if you think those salaries are beyond belief they are still dwarfed by Fry's opposite number at Facebook.

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook Inc's VP of engineering, may earn a salary of "only" 270,833 but he also took home $24.4m (£15.3m) in stock awards.

Four out of the top five highest paid all work for Apple while the top spot went to Larry Ellison, founder of data software company Oracle.

Ellison was paid $96.2m (£62.86m) in 2012. Not far behind was Apple's senior vice president of technologies, Bob Mansfield on $85.5m £(55.87m).

Third place went to Apple's leading lawyer, Bruce Sewell, on $69m (£45.09m) presumably as reward for successfully fighting a number of patent cases with rivals Samsung.

Operations chief, Jeffrey Williams, was paid $68.7m (£44.89m). Senior vice president, Peter Oppenheimer, was just behind with $68.6m (£44.83)m.

Tim Cook was paid the (in comparison) tiny sum of $4.2m (£2.74m) although he still probably has quite a lot left over from the $378m (£247.01m) he was paid in 2011.