‘Chinese Food' By Alison Gold Is The New ‘Friday' By Rebecca Black (VIDEO)

Only: it's even more offensive.

No, really.

It was penned by the same guy - Patrice Wilson, the Stock Aitken Waterman de nos jours, only worse, and less successful - and he actually makes an appearance in his new protegée's video, dressed as a panda. And then doing what seems to be an impression of a Chinese person. Eating Chinese food.

"I love Chinese food/You know that's it's true," trills Miss Gold, before going on to explain: "I love fried rice/I love noodles/I love chow mein, chow me-me-me-me-mein."

All this, and she also apparently gets hungry after she's been out clubbing. Well, who doesn't when they're 13?

To be fair, it does rhyme 'broccoli' with 'spicy'. So it's not all bad.