Rake Up The Bum: Drunk Chinese Man Goes 28cm Deep (NSFW PICTURES)

If you’re squeamish you might want to save this one for later.

These images show the unfortunate aftermath of a skinful of drink and an ill-judged leap over a fence – resulting in the impaling of one man’s anus on the wooden handle of a rake

28cm deep to be precise.

That's the last time he takes a drunken short-cut

The unfortunate chap from China’s Henan province found himself well and truly skewered after a night out, which saw him take a short cut over a garden wall, Shanghaiist reported.

The man was rushed to hospital, where, after four hours of surgery and an appointment with a chainsaw, he was released from the rake.

While this union of man and rake was unintentional, the tale joins the HuffPost UK’s pantheon of odd things inserted into the wrong places.

Yes that is a chainsaw being wielded in the emergency room

Take, for instance, the man who presented himself to hospital in April with a live eel stuck up his bottom.

Or the creativity of an extraordinarily creative 70-year-old man who successfully lodged a 10cm fork in his urethra.

Be safe out there, kids.


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