Chinese Police Leave Boy Racer's Body In Street To Deter Speeders (GRAPHIC PICTURES)


The body of a Chinese boy racer died who died after staging an illegal street race has been left in the road by police as a warning to other drivers.

The driver, 28-year-old Tao Lung, was speeding along in a £79,000 Jaguar F-Type when he crashed while trying to overtake another car.

Tao Lung, 28, was killed instantly after crashing in Kunming City, China

The two cars were speeding at over 150mph on the residential street when another car pulled out of a house, causing one of the two racers to crash after it failed to brake in time.

Lung, driving a white Jaguar F-Type sports car, struck the kerb and hit a tree that tore off the roof and a wheel, throwing him from the vehicle where he was run over by the second car and killed instantly.

The second car was not found.

When police arrived they did not cover up 28-year-old Tao Lung's body, but left it exposed in full view of the crowd.

"I think they wanted to get the message across that driving like this has a cost, sometimes its more than someone might want to pay. I think that was why they left the body lying there for so long," a resident told the Central European News agency.

The corpse was left lying in the middle of the road for at least an hour in full view of pedestrians and other motorists, including children, the Daily Mail reported.

Those living in the area said they were fed up with people racing on the street, and warned police it was only a matter of time before there was an accident.

One said: "Because the people here who drive fast are rich the police don't want to tackle them."