17/10/2013 13:54 BST | Updated 18/10/2013 04:31 BST

Westgate Mall Attack Footage Shows Horror Of Kenyan Massacre (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

CNN has acquired footage of the terrorist attack the left 67 dead and scores injured in the Westgate Mall in Nairobi last month.

Warning: the above video shows graphic and distressing scenes

The film shows men, women and children fleeing in terror after the attackers stormed the Kenyan shopping centre. One man is shot as he slumps in front of a cash desk. He tries to crawl away but is shot again at close-range by an attacker.

The siege carried on for almost a week, however the footage focuses on the first day of the ordeal, as shoppers in the high-end mall popular with westerners were systematically gunned down.

The atrocity was carried out by Islamic militants from the Somali-based group al-Shabaab, with the massacre "retaliation" for Kenya’s troops entering Somalia.


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