Seventh Day Adventist Beekepers Graham And Abigail Blackburn Secure Victory Over Tax Man

'Computers Are Against Our Religion'
A beekeeper
A beekeeper

A devoutly religious pair of beekeepers have won the right not to file an online tax return - because it goes against their beliefs.

Seventh Day Adventists Graham and Abigail Blackburn argued that their religion rejected the use of modern technology including computers at home.

And a tribunal ruled that their human right to practice their religion had been breached by the government's refusal to allow them an exemption.

It means the couple are free to file their VAT returns on paper instead.

According to the Western Morning News, the couple 'are convinced that Christ's second coming is imminent and view the internet as an intrusion of "worldliness" into their lives of "righteousness".'

In a landmark victory over the tax office, the judge, Barbara Mosedale, said: "I find that, by entirely shunning computers, they considered they were acting, as the Bible required them to do, in accordance with their religious conscience.

"They were manifesting their religious beliefs by refusing to use computers."

Mosedale said the government's arguments were "clearly insufficient". HMRC said it was considering an appeal.

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