Apple Is 'Unclear' If There'll Be Enough iPads To Go Around This Christmas

In what might be its least surprising announcement this year - even by its own increasingly stoic standards - Apple said yesterday that it sold an awful lot of iPads last quarter.

But it might not be able to shift as many as it would like in the run up to Christmas.

While supplies of the new full-size flagship iPad Air are expected to be quite plentiful when they go on sale on Friday, the fate of the iPad Mini with Retina Display is less clear.

Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted in a call after the profit announcement that he didn't know if supplies would meet demand when it hits the shelves at the end of November.

"It's unclear whether we will have enough for the quarter or not," Cook said. "We know how many we will have, but you really don't know the demand until you start shipping."

Cook went on to say he thinks Apple will do "fairly well" in iPad sales overall, and that he's "confident" sales will grow year on year.

But it's clear that the Mini is being held back until the latest possible moment before Christmas before release. If you or your loved-ones have their heart set on a new high-res mini iPad, you might have to get in line.

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