WATCH: 'Strictly' Star Ashley Taylor Dawson's Embarrassing Pop Past As A Member Of allSTARS*

Ashley Taylor Dawson might have all the moves on this year's 'Strictly Come Dancing' but he hasn't always been quite so smooth.

Rewind ten years or so and the 'Hollyoaks' star was a member of the pop cheesefest that was, allSTARS*.

Remember them? Nope, me neither.

Ashley (far left) and the rest of allSTARS*

As well as having their own children's TV show, STARStreet* (what is it with those blinkin' asterisks, by the way?) the five piece also managed to score four Top 20 singles including a cover of the Bucks Fizz No.1 errrrm, 'classic', 'Land Of Make Believe'.

Which is the musical equivalent of adding a block of cheddar to a cheese burger, dipping it in a cheese fondue and serving it with a side of macaroni cheese.

Watch Ash get his cheese on in the video above...

Before They Were Famous

Before They Were Famous