29/10/2013 03:48 GMT

Paul Hollywood Admits He Sheds The Pounds When Filming 'The Great British Bake Off' As He Gets So Stressed

You'd think with all those cakes, pies and sweet treats that Paul Hollywood would pile on the pounds while he films 'The Great British Bake Off' but it's quite the opposite according to the star

Despite the culinary temptations on offer, Paul has admitted he actually sheds the weight - thanks to stress.

The fourth series of 'Bake Off', judged by Hollywood and Mary Berry, attracted record ratings.

Paul Hollywood

But Hollywood did not enjoy the same success in the US, where 'The American Baking Competition', broadcast this summer, was axed due to poor ratings.

The 47-year-old told the Radio Times: "I stress out. I've lost a stone and a bit in the past eight months just through work."

The baker, who left his wife of 15 years Alexandra, 49, earlier this year, said he does not deliberately watch his weight but he is careful about what he eats in the evenings.

"I tend to eat more in the day. In the evening I drink lots of water and try not to eat anything heavy after six o'clock," he said.

Hollywood's 'Bake Off' colleague Mel Giedroyc, who hosts the contest with fellow comic Sue Perkins, has said she puts on weight every year when she presents the BBC2 show, which is moving to BBC1 next year.

"I've put on a good 11lb every series. The first couple of episodes it's 'No thank you, not for me'. Cut to the semi-final and we're hoofing up whole quiches," she has admitted.

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Hollywood said he enjoyed filming his new show 'Pies And Puds' on BBC1.

"I love it, love it. Bake Off is me as the judge who everyone knows and loves or hates. Paul Hollywood in Pies And Puds is just me, the cheeky guy," he said. "It's my character coming out."

Hollywood, who searches for local recipes and native ingredients in the show, added: "It's more real, definitely. One of the big things that surprised me was the quality of local food around the UK.

"I was fishing a mile off the coast of Fife for langoustines. They ship them out to Italy, Spain and France where you will go on holiday and say 'That was the best langoustine I've ever eaten in my life - why can't we get this kind of stuff at home?'."

The TV judge said of the success of 'Bake Off', which was won this year by Frances Quinn: "I've had tweets from international rugby players sending me pictures of their cupcakes... I won't say who they are because I don't want to embarrass them. I'm taking this one to the grave. I don't want these guys after me, believe me!"

Hollywood added that he still enjoyed the simple things in life, despite his fame.

"I have a bath or shower, wrap my dressing gown around me. I sit down in front of Top Gear, putting my fork through a puff pastry, and I'm in Happyville," he said.