One In Five Brits Think Their Home Is Haunted


With Halloween approaching, a survey has found that around one in five Brits (19%) think their house might be haunted.

In the survey, by, 19% said they had seen ghosts or apparations in the home. However, 86% said the possibility of a house being haunted would not put them off buying their ideal home.

Most of those who claim to have experienced ghostly visions in their homes were women (71%), 29% of them were men.

A majority of those surveyed who admitted experiencing ghostly activity in their homes were women - 71% were women and 29% were men.

People in London were likeliest to suffer hauntings (39%), while Manchester came next with 29%.

York was third in the haunted house stakes with 17% saying they had seen ghosts at home, then Plymouth at 15% and finally Oxford at 8%.

A Property, Property, Property spokesperson said: “We were staggered by how many Brits fear they’re sharing their home with somebody - or something - from the afterlife.

“In America, sellers have to declare to potential buyers if they believe the property to be haunted, but it seems us Brits are made of sterner stuff and it wouldn’t put many of us off. If anything, it gives a house a nice bit of character!”

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