Lauren Goodger Admits To Starving Herself For Three Days In Twitter Outburst About Her Weight

Lauren Goodger has sparked concern after admitting she has been starving herself for three days because she is sick of her weight being scrutinised by the media.

The former 'TOWIE' star was upset after comments made about her figure at the Inside Soap Awards earlier this month, and taking to Twitter to vent her frustration, she said she is now aiming to become the 'slimmest girl in the industry'.

Lauren Goodger

"Haven’t eaten for 3 days not stopping until I get left the hell alone!" she raged.

"I don’t think I look like they make out but I’m going to be so skinny!!

"I won’t stop until they accept who I am the thought of food makes me sick I am going be the slimmest girl in industry [then] maybe they let me be sexy."

She added: "I’ll always be the bad girl who has lived n learned now I’m going to turn this upside down watch this space."

Lauren was unhappy after seeing pictures of herself at the Inside Soap Awards

While many fans tweeted Lauren to assure her she is 'beautiful', other users branded her 'irresponsible, claiming she is in danger of influencing her younger fans.

"You are a role model to a lot of young girls is this a good example to be setting them? Totally irresponsible," one wrote.

After deleting her tweets, Lauren later apologised for her rant and letting the bad press get to her.

"Sorry 4rant, V unlike me. Sometimes media pressure gets 2u & feels like cant do right 4doing wrong. Shouldn’t have let it get me down. #PMA," she tweeted.

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