Brazilian Wandering Spider, World's Most Deadly Arachnids Found In Bananas From Sainsbury's (PICTURES)

A family were forced to flee their home after an infestation of the world's most venomous spiders - via a bag of bananas from Sainsbury's.

Mother-of-two Consi Taylor first noticed the arachnids as she bit into one of the Colombian Fair Trade fruits in her home in Hampton, south west London.

Taylor had initially thought there were threads of mould on her banana but quickly realised that swarms of tiny spiders were hatching and scurrying into the corners of her home.

Hordes of Brazilian wandering spiders scurry out of the Consi Taylor's Colombia Fair Trade bananas

She exclusively told The Sun: "I was so scared I started crying."

At first the supermarket's response was to offer the Taylors a £10 voucher in compensation, but the family went on to inform a pest control firm who identified the arachnids as the highly poisonous Brazilian wandering spider, of the genus Phoneutria.

Taylor and her family had to be rehoused as their property was fumigated

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the species has the most active neurotoxic venom of any living spider.

It is so potent just 0.006 mg (0.00000021 oz) is sufficient to kill a mouse.

The Brazilian wandering spider is mainly found in tropical South America

Their bite is known to cause severe pain, breathing problems, paralysis and even death - most commonly among children under the age of seven - though anti-venom does exist.

The book describes them as "large and highly aggressive creatures [who] often enter human dwellings and hide in clothing or shoes. When disturbed they bite furiously several times, and hundreds of accidents involving these species are reported annually."

The spiders are known to have a leg span of up to 17cm

The Taylor's home has since been fumigated and all of their clothes dry cleaned. Meanwhile Sainsbury's have picked up the £1,000 hotel bill for their stay away from home.

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