Testicle 'For Sale', Only £22,000: TLC's Extreme Cheapskates (VIDEO)

Testicle 'For Sale', Only £22,000

How far would you go to make a few quid?

Ebay your vinyl collection? Car boot sale? Dog walking?

How about flogging your own testicles in the name of medical science? Or specifically, just one for the handsome sum of £22,000 ($35,000)?

Mark is anxious and excited about having his testicle removed

That's exactly what this chap hopes to "achieve".

He revealed: "What I'm really anxious and excited and waiting to do is this testicular study. What you do is you go in and you donate one of your testicles, they replace it with an artificial one and when you check out after 14 days you get a cheque for $35,000."

Penny-pinching Mark enrols in so many clinical trials - enabling him to amass an impressive collection of scrubs - that he gets by without spending a cent of his full-time salary.

A trailer for the show shows Mark proudly pointing out which scrubs were pilfered from which trial. (Btw thrifty Mark wears them for work and exercise on a daily basis, happily bragging about how much they save him in laundry costs.)

"These are the ebola study," he says. "These are my favorite. Everyone was panicked when my friend and I did this study. Never tested on humans or animals before.

"We were the first two in the country to have it done. It's $5,000 for a week, so why would I not do it?"

Sadly for Mark, one trial he missed out on was one which proposed to stop his heart for one minute known as the "flat line" study.

"What they do is they stop your heart for one minute but you still breathe. Stay there 14 days, pays $25,000. But the FDA kind of stepped in and stopped that."

Nevermind Mark, you can always donate your other testicle.

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